Are your shrubs and trees touching the sides of your house? As a standard part of lawn maintenance, it is important to keep vegetation off the sides of house for various reasons. For example, reducing the chances of insects/ants and wildlife entering house and attic. Contact us for you bush and tree trimming needs.



Are you putting your house on the market and want a green lawn in the dead of winter? Or just want a nice green yard and landscape makeover. If your yard meets the right conditions and is shady fescue may be the right grass for you. Fescue stays green all year round.

If you can provide the square footage (length x width of yard in feet) we can at least give you a approximate quote as the first step in the quote process. If the price sounds right then we can give you an insight quote. However, if you are unable to provide a square footage quote then we can drive to your property and do it for you. We strive to give you a reasonable price by reducing the amount of driving around in the labor of giving quotes, that is why we do it this way.

Sod installation isn’t the only thing we do, we build retaining walls, provide grading services, hardscaping, tree work, planting, and lawn maintenance. Texting or messaging your basic info of the type of service you want a quote for and your address to the inbox here or phone number provided is the most effective way to expedite the quote process. However, feel free to call us and we will be happy to talk to you.

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  1. I understand there are different types of Zoysia.  In our front yard, we get full sun on the front half, but the back half gets shade under tall pine trees.  Is there a variety you recommend?  Most varieties of zoysia typically need at least 4 hours of sunlight for the shady areas. The most popular at a reasonable price point is emerald zoysia. It has a fine blade and stays close to the ground so you don’t have to cut too often. If you are seeking the best zoysia, I would recommend zeon zoysia. It is the most versitile, shade tolerant, lowest maintenance, weed resistant, but also the most expensive. The customers who order zeon zoysia seem be loyalist and claim that the price is worth it because they save on the long term maintenance.
  1. Where do you source the sod? I source it from local suppliers who then end users can get it from, except I usually get a better deal because I buy from them often, a contractors rate. Call me for the specific suppliers, so I know you aren’t just a competitor gathering business intelligence..  Are you able to arrange the schedule to minimize time between the cutting at the sod farm and the installation? Yes,  we lay the sod the same day it is cut. It is usually cut and shipped around 4am the same morning.
  2. Does the sod come with a Georgia Crop Improvement Association (GCIA) “blue tag” certification? I don’t know and have never been asked that questions.  I would imagine so since these are reputable suppliers of the Atlanta area. The bottom line is the sod looks great and have plenty of customers to testify to that.
  3. What all is included in the labor? Labor includes preping the soil, fertilizing/liming soil, raking out debris hindering the roots from establishing in the soil, leveling and grading, lay sod, edging/cutting sod according to beds, rolling sod with sod roller, and clean up. 
  4. Your price sheet online shows additional charges for rolling for 1,2, and 3 pallets.  Does your quote include rolling?  What do you use to do the rolling? yes, it includes rolling.  We use a big barrel shape container that fills with water and pulled by one of us. If you want something bigger to roll it we can get the tactor type with more weight but will come at extra rental expense.
  5. We already have a sprinkler system.  How do you protect against damage to that? 811 is called for marking utilities and we mark sprinkler heads with flags to avoid it and we till no deeper than 2 inches.Just enough to scape up existing vegitation and loosen soil for roots to grab on too.
  6. We have had challenges with fungus/disease with the fescue.  Is there anything you would recommend we do to minimize the risk of similar issues with the zoysia? Yes, try not to water before dark but early in the morning
  7. I believe a large part of the issue with the fescue is the soil, which for the most part is hard Georgia red clay.  Should I plan to get a truck load of topsoil/composte, and have you mix that in when you till of the soil? That would be a good idea. I leave that optional for customers to decide. If a customer is on a budget we can loosen and condition the PH with lime and fertilizer to make it work but soil is recommended. 
  8. Are there any warranties / guarantees offered?  For example, guarantees to come back and fix any disease/fungus, weeds, other types of grass invading into the zoysia during the first couple years? I can’t guarantee against weeds because weeds are always a threat. That is part of your personal maintenance and care – to pick weeds(the more labor intensive way), or spray weed killer. Fungus can be minimized by watering in morning, and not at night. I mean we can come back for a follow up but it is usually a follow up cost/service call for averaging around $70. Or it could be included in sod installation quote for one follow up visit. Most of our suppliers have a 30 day replacement policy for any bad pieces of sod. As a sod installer, we guarantee our worksmanship of doing the job right.

We have a free source of mulch from a grinded up tree cut down. It is natural wood chips. A truck full of mulch as seen in this picture would cost from $70 to $100 for installation and delivery, depending where you are located.


The benefit of using our source of sod is the fact that bigger and thicker peaces of sod are less likely to dry out. From the picture you can see the thick layer  soil for bigger roots and less likely to dry out                                                      Tif Grand Bermuda

The are the 6 ft sod rolls we use. This is Tif Grand bermuda- a new hybrid of bermuda that can withstand approximately 60% more shade.

From experience of laying sod, we prefer not to use the small 2 X 1 peaces of sod because that creates more edges where the sod meets other peaces and they tend to dry out faster when lacking water.











Call us this October to  have your yard seeded or have your fescue sod installed .

  • The positives of fescue   — 1)  thrives in cool and cold weather, 2) stays green all year round but high maintenance.
  • The negatives of fescue — high maintenance especially in the hot season (June through late August). Requires a lot of water and care. It is a very delicate grass which can’t tolerate heavy traffic. In the warmer season it seems to be best to let the grass grow a little longer.
Coming soon– posting of up close picture fecue sod that we will be laying for you. Very lush.

At this point all of the soil prep work has been completed. This includes leveling out a large hole/depression for good drainage and adding the equivalent to 90 40lb of topsoil. to the existing red clay. Lime and starter fertilizer has been mixed in and all yard debris, and previous grass removed.

This picture was taken 3 days after the sod was installed on my follow up visit. It is evident and example in some places (in the area of mostly sun) that the fescue has not had enough water. The indicator is when the edges start turning pale/green/grey. Therefore, I recommended to the owner to increase his watering time for 1 hour to cover all areas. I checked back a week later via telephone and he said it has improved with the increased watering. I will be following up on Oct 9th to see if the grass has improved. Understand people, fescue is a sensitive and delicate grass that loves the shade and cool/cold weather. It is more sensitive to direct full sunlight, even in the cooler temperatures. This means you want to make sure you increase your watering times in these full sun areas. All we do is prep the soil, lay the sod , and advise you on how to care for it. We won't be there everyday to water it and check on it for it unless it is in your budget to pay for follow up visits to water grass. Some of these stressed pieces of sod roll were dry as a bone when I looked on the bottom pieces.

Here is another angle of the same fescue installation from the other side in the more shadey part of the yard. This is before the edging is complete.

Here is how your fescue sod will look upon delivery.

Get ready, your bermuda will start going dormant when it starts getting cold. Your zoysia will stay green until the first freeze. Fall is a perfect time to overseed these warm season. We will aerate you lawn and spread fescue seed. Fescue thrives with lush green all the way through the cold of winter and into the late spring.

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If you know how much square footage of sod you need covered on your property you can get a rough estimate of how much sod installation costs. Free phone estimates for people in the Atlanta metro area. If you are seeking the best deal, please provide me the approximate square foot of the area of where you want sod laid. If you like the price of the rough quote and have done all your shopping around, then I will come out and give you a firm estimate which should not be too different from from the rough quote.

You probably using craigslist to seek the best prices but understand cheapest does not always mean the best deal. You are investing a lot of money in the price of sod alone and watching it die because shortcuts were taken because in the soil preparation process, is not any fun. As a result, the roots do not establish properly and potentially causes the sod to die. Soil preparation is the most labor intensive part of the job. The right amount of nutrients need to be added.

Customers have told me some are suggesting to lay the sod right over the existing grass without any prep work. Do not waste your money. This same concept applies for shopping for sod directly–the cheapest sod is not always the best deal. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. The sod is cut up into small squares and it crumbles in your hand and dried out. Maybe there were a few good pieces on the pallet but most ended up dying out. The customer was mad a me, and this supplier only gives you “7 days after laying sod” to have your dead pieces replaced.

The sod I use are nice thick/lush rolls that look like golf course grass and are cut into long rolls. For any pieces that die/dry out, they will replace the dead pieces for up to 1 1/2 months after the sod is laid. The work does not end once the sod is installed. You or us must maintain the right watering schedule until the roots get established then you can slow down after they establish.

References of our satisfied customers are furnished upon request. Call 770-891-2245 to get your free estimate.


CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245
CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245

CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245

In our effort to help the community with our landscape services we have decided it would be beneficial to both customers and ourselves to maintain a blog of our daily experiences as a landscaper. This includes different aspects of customer relations, how we look at our mistakes and improve upon them. We want to build a win-win trustful relationship with our customers and deliver the best service.

Contrary to popular belief sod can be installed in August as long as the proper watering schedule is followed. In some cases when there is a drought water restrictions may be applied. If water restrictions are in affect then this could potentially hinder the root establishment in the first two weeks after installation.

If you live in the Atlanta, Ga area and interested in possibly using our services don’t let the hot month of August hold you back. It has been raining regularly this month and don’t anticipate water restrictions taking affect before fall. If you follow our watering schedule/system and fertilizes it correctly your lawn can look like a golf course.

Contact us at (770)-891-2245 for your free over the phone quote. If you can provide us the square footage of the area where you want sod layed then we can give you an accurate quote. We are Curb Appeal Landscaping and Lawncare, check out our pricing for the different types of sod: