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If you know how much square footage of sod you need covered on your property you can get a rough estimate of how much sod installation costs. Free phone estimates for people in the Atlanta metro area. If you are seeking the best deal, please provide me the approximate square foot of the area of where you want sod laid. If you like the price of the rough quote and have done all your shopping around, then I will come out and give you a firm estimate which should not be too different from from the rough quote.

You probably using craigslist to seek the best prices but understand cheapest does not always mean the best deal. You are investing a lot of money in the price of sod alone and watching it die because shortcuts were taken because in the soil preparation process, is not any fun. As a result, the roots do not establish properly and potentially causes the sod to die. Soil preparation is the most labor intensive part of the job. The right amount of nutrients need to be added.

Customers have told me some are suggesting to lay the sod right over the existing grass without any prep work. Do not waste your money. This same concept applies for shopping for sod directly–the cheapest sod is not always the best deal. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. The sod is cut up into small squares and it crumbles in your hand and dried out. Maybe there were a few good pieces on the pallet but most ended up dying out. The customer was mad a me, and this supplier only gives you “7 days after laying sod” to have your dead pieces replaced.

The sod I use are nice thick/lush rolls that look like golf course grass and are cut into long rolls. For any pieces that die/dry out, they will replace the dead pieces for up to 1 1/2 months after the sod is laid. The work does not end once the sod is installed. You or us must maintain the right watering schedule until the roots get established then you can slow down after they establish.

References of our satisfied customers are furnished upon request. Call 770-891-2245 to get your free estimate.


CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245
CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245

CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING AND LAWNCARE- Sod Installation (770)-891-2245