This picture was taken 3 days after the sod was installed on my follow up visit. It is evident and example in some places (in the area of mostly sun) that the fescue has not had enough water. The indicator is when the edges start turning pale/green/grey. Therefore, I recommended to the owner to increase his watering time for 1 hour to cover all areas. I checked back a week later via telephone and he said it has improved with the increased watering. I will be following up on Oct 9th to see if the grass has improved. Understand people, fescue is a sensitive and delicate grass that loves the shade and cool/cold weather. It is more sensitive to direct full sunlight, even in the cooler temperatures. This means you want to make sure you increase your watering times in these full sun areas. All we do is prep the soil, lay the sod , and advise you on how to care for it. We won’t be there everyday to water it and check on it for it unless it is in your budget to pay for follow up visits to water grass. Some of these stressed pieces of sod roll were dry as a bone when I looked on the bottom pieces.