Cell Phone: (770)-891-2245 (call , text)

Email: danant40@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +1-770-891-2245 (great to use if you are traveling internationally and need service. Free to make international calls and texts. Requires you download app to your smartphone.)

  • We pride ourselves on giving customers a fastest response time on quote requests. Please help us help you with a fast and efficient quote process. Peak season is March through July. This means the phone is constantly ringing and answering calls. To help streamline the process it is preferred that you text me your: 1) address, 2) the scope of the job (more detailed description of the job you want done), 3) square footage of area of where you want work done. Texting is much faster than phone call because I have your info on record in case I am driving and can’t answer phone or on the other line.
  • By providing square footage, you location, and any other information needed for quote—-this will help us prequalify you with an instant ballpark price of the job  to see if we meet your budget before driving to your location for an onsite firm quote.
  • Texting photos and videos upon request help us see your property virtually when more detailed information is needed. This especially applies to people who live far away making it a long drive.
  • One reason for this process is to help you save money on the job by helping us eliminate wasted labor and gas driving trips to  your location for something that can be answered using our technology.
  • Please note in winter time when business has slowed  down, I try to takes some vacation time between December and February. This does not stop me from answering the phone or responding to email and sending someone to quote and perform job. Sometimes I travel internationally and can’t receive texts or calls–it’s best to email me at the email provided above or use the smart phone app called “WhatsApp”(will send texts to my phone and I think I can receive international calls as long as I have a wifi connection).