There is so much we want to say about the importance of a client/contractor relationship that this page will be constantly updated with real life scenarios and learning points to improve the working with a contractor experience. More often than not we hear stories of people having bad experiences with contractors. With the right approach of good communication we can avoid the common problems and make it a smooth experience. It is important to agree to a price and your availability to make payment upon completion of the job. Good communication helps prevent costly misunderstanding before the project starts. We do our best to tell every customer exactly what they are getting for their money and provide visual of what to expect (either through photos or description) along with our warranty.

For a free onsite quote—-we need to prequalify you first to see if we are the right fit and meet your budget. For a free quote, please be considerate and don’t ask us to drive to your location just to use us “to get some ideas” or in the beginning stages of shopping around. You can do a Google search if you are trying to get ideas. This especially applies to customers who are more than 5 miles away from our location. If you just need an approximate cost of job because you have no idea of how much it may cost, chances are we can give you a rough quote based on square footage of the area you are wanting work done. In some situations  we may request you text/email us a photo for a more accurate quote if you can text me photos or a video.

If all customers followed this quote procedure it would help us reduce  operating cost(gas, drive time, and time spent on site measuring for quote) allowing everyone have reduce costs of the job.I agree that to  provide an accurate quote there is nothing better than an onsite quote; however, 21st century technology has made it easier to see your yard virtually . I encourage everyone to be ready to take photos or videos upon request. If you are not up to speed on using smartphones and computer, that is OK, I will work with you and still come on site.

If our quote is more than you want to pay then let us know as the there may be ways to reduce costs. To cut costs it may require that you do some of the leg work and labor, or I could work out a deal with the laborers. For example, if the job is a sod installation we could make bigger flower beds and reduce the square footage of the sod. Or if it is lawn service we may just give you a basic cleanup to meet budget instead of trying to make everything perfect on one visit. The more time it takes to do a job the more it will cost.

It is important you understand the scope of the work we quoted you for. This means you can’t add more jobs to the job we quote you for. For example, if we quoted you $3,000 for sod installation we will write in quote if cleanup is included in price. If the prep work required digging up lots of roots, rocks, and brush, then hauling off debris is an extra cost of loading and hauling away debris.

Methods of payment: Cash, check, Square Cash (requires debit card), Paypal, or Direct Bank deposit. We will have a square reader by mid February 2016 to take credit card payments.