In our effort to help the community with our landscape services we have decided it would be beneficial to both customers and ourselves to maintain a blog of our daily experiences as a landscaper. This includes different aspects of customer relations, how we look at our mistakes and improve upon them. We want to build a win-win trustful relationship with our customers and deliver the best service.

Contrary to popular belief sod can be installed in August as long as the proper watering schedule is followed. In some cases when there is a drought water restrictions may be applied. If water restrictions are in affect then this could potentially hinder the root establishment in the first two weeks after installation.

If you live in the Atlanta, Ga area and interested in possibly using our services don’t let the hot month of August hold you back. It has been raining regularly this month and don’t anticipate water restrictions taking affect before fall. If you follow our watering schedule/system and fertilizes it correctly your lawn can look like a golf course.

Contact us at (770)-891-2245 for your free over the phone quote. If you can provide us the square footage of the area where you want sod layed then we can give you an accurate quote. We are Curb Appeal Landscaping and Lawncare, check out our pricing for the different types of sod: